Graduate studies

The laboratory director, Thomas Stoffregen, is a member of the graduate faculty in both Kinesiology and Psychology. Thus, graduate students can do their research in the APAL while pursuing the Ph.D. in Kinesiology or in Psychology.

Dr. Stoffregen supervises graduate research within the framework of the Ecological Approach to Perception and Action and the Ecology of Human-Machine Systems. We maintain collaborative research programs with colleagues in other countries (e.g., France, Japan). Graduate students often have opportunities for international travel and collaboration. We also maintain close ties with ecological psychologists at other universities and in industry, who may serve as either informal or formal advisers for student research at UM. A graduate student interested in the Ecological Approach to Perception and Action will have the opportunity to pursue a variety of research projects at UM and/or in affiliated labs.

Specific research interests include: Postural control; Motion sickness; Virtual environments; Multisensory control of action; Perception & exploitation of affordances.